I am an independent videographer with twenty five years of experience across a variety of television and video productions. My career started in commercial broadcast television progressing through positions like Cameraman, Floor Manager, Sound Operator, Vision Mixer and eventually Television Director. In recent years I have specialised in promotional and documentary style videos both in the UK and abroad.


My broad skill set means I can offer a highly competitive service combining research and scriptwriting through to filming and editing, including grading.


Grading is a specialised process often absent or compromised in budget productions. Effectively it involves 'photoshopping' a video to produce an often dramatic improvement. Watch this video to see the difference:

With my range of combined skills I offer real value to many charities, Christian organisations and smaller organisations by avoiding the cost of additional specialists.


Finally I love making videos. OK, I make a living from it, but it is much more than a business to me. I genuinely enjoy giving my best on every project and regularly exceeding expectations.


This has resulted in some very happy clients, but I would rather you hear it in their words - visit the Testimonials page.

Nigel Davey