A Promotional Video (often called a 'Promo') is a highly effective marketing or sales tool introducing or educating viewers about your product, service or cause. Promos need to be clear, informative and brief, holding the viewers attention just long enough to communicate the key points.

Promos explain what your organisation offers or produces whilst emphasising any core ethos and values. Typically they last 2-3 minutes and include short interviews with key personnel, partners or customers whilst clearly showcasing your products, services or activities.


Example: North Cotes College

Cost of a similar video - £3500

Event Videos are short videos intended to promote a forthcoming corporate or public event. For example an annual car rally or a business expo. Event videos also provide a complete visual record of presentations, speakers and event content for subsequent reference or to sell to attendees and enthusiasts.


Example: Dover Castle video

Cost of a similar video - £1500