Philippine Community Fund first worked with Nigel Davey in February 2014, we urgently needed to make a promotional film at short notice. In the past we had always made our films using volunteers and we were nervous working with a professional company but Nigel gave us a special charity rate and taught us how to produce a story board and helped us plan ahead. He instantly put us at ease and worked well with all our staff and beneficiaries. Nigel finished the editing ahead of schedule and we are delighted with the end result. The film has been widely used and although it's a bit hard to quantify in terms of how much money we have raised on the strength of it , I would say that we have covered the costs of making the film several times over now. All of the staff in PCF are proud to show the film and we have now budgeted to use his services next year.


Jane Walker MBE


Nigel combined a highly professional approach with a desire to really understand what we wanted to communicate.  He listened, helped shape our ideas and then saw the project through with a fine eye for detail.  His broad range of experience meant that we could work with him from the concept stage through to project completion.  He was always a joy to work with.


Andy Matheson


Nigel worked very hard to understand what we needed and produced a first class promotional video. He was tireless in searching out the right shots and skilled in capturing them. We were delighted with the end product and look forward to working with him again.


Paul Mayo


Working with Nigel to make a video for my website seemed daunting at first but very quickly Nigel was able to grasp what my business was about, really picking up on our ethos and purpose and how best to present this visually. He even helped me to write the script for my film and expressed what I wanted to say but struggled to find the words for. From beginning to end the process of making a film with Nigel was a pleasant one, he is a true professional and the outcome was fantastic.


Amanda Hedger


Nigel’s hard work and enthusiasm combined with expert technical ability and experience has resulted in a unique, innovative and highly professional video for use during the sale of our property.  Nigel took the time to fully understand our requirements and adapt accordingly to provide better than expected results whilst effortlessly fitting in with limited windows of opportunity to film and meeting tight delivery timescales.  A pleasure to work with all the way through to helping our agent integrate the video in to their website.  I would not hesitate to recommend Nigel to others or utilise his services again.


Ian Ledger


Nigel has worked with the OMF team to produce videos that communicate our vision and work with clarity. He is passionate about storytelling through video and has a deep understanding of the art of producing compelling, emotionally engaging media.He can successfully 'go it alone' on a project or collaborate with a production team. I've personally enjoyed working with Nigel and commend his work to you.


Tony Waghorn


Nigel has been part of the TBC staff team for a few years now on a part time basis.  Over this time we have proposed ideas from your bread and butter interviews to more spontaneous, fast moving pop video style youth camp films.  We haven't found a project yet where Nigel has failed to come up with the goods but we are determined to find his limits with a team assent of Everest under consideration!!  Seriously Nigel has enhanced the quality and diversity of our communication and I would recommend him both professionally and as an all round great bloke!


Steve Cole


The video Nigel produced showing the work of West Kent Debt Advice is proving very successful at portraying the nature of what is in many cases a rather sad problem, in a manner that conveys hope to those that find themselves trapped in the debt spiral.  Nigel managed to show the human face of an issue that for some is just a matter of rather unpleasant statistics thus encouraging folk to seek help but hopefully also serving as a reminder to others of their obligation to look out for those less fortunate.  Nigel did this in a way that is unlikely to become dated thus ensuring that we can continue to use it for the foreseeable future.  Many thanks.


Graeme Connell