Over the years I have worked on a wide variety of video productions from complex live TV shows to filming undercover in some pretty challenging places. On each project there is inevitably a learning curve, sometimes very steep. So now I try to share what I have learnt, helping budding videographers and photographers take a quicker and gentler route to improving their skills.


I do this by running 1 to 5 day courses in the UK and abroad, normally at a client’s premises. The courses all start with the basics of storytelling, picture composition and interview techniques, building towards script writing and more in-depth filming and editing techniques. Each course contains a good mix of practical group exercises that reinforce the theory. Students are encouraged to bring and use their own camera equipment so they develop skills based on what they have practically available. The courses also address a variety of cultural and security challenges some may face when filming abroad.

On courses with 8 or less students, the cost is the same as my ‘video production’ fees outlined in the ‘About’ section. With every additional 8 students I bring in another experienced video trainer and the cost increases. However there is always flexibility in all my pricing so that organisations with smaller budgets are not excluded.


Finally here are some comments from recent students/clients:

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram bombard us with videos almost daily. It has become the medium of choice for almost every teenager with a smart phone. In addition nearly all modern DSLR cameras have the ability to shoot video at a higher quality than was considered broadcast standard only ten years ago. What is missing is the expertise to use the technology well; to make your video stand out from the noise. Nigel has that expertise and spent the day with us passing on some key principles of video production to our team of enthusiastic amateurs. The results were instantly noticeable, better framing, better lighting, better sound and importantly, some insights into how to interview, plan and construct a video so that it puts the message first - how to tell our story. Following the day with Nigel we have been inspired, as well as being given some key production principles to work with. We're not over-night experts but our ability to communicate the message via the medium of video has been noticeably improved and we're keen to learn more.


Rev Charlie Ingram

I had been making videos here and there, but the course showed me the basics that I've always missed: the planning, the shooting, interviewing skills, etc. It set me up to make effective videos with a clear message. It also gave me the hands-on experience that I needed. I believe my supporters are benefitting because I attended the training and use what I learnt.


Jason Tam

The course really helped me to understand the flow of video production. As a beginner I could quickly gain insights into the crucial areas of pre-production, production and post-production. Getting insights from a professional it also left me with a desire to learn more in the future. One of the outcomes was that I could organize a similar workshop here in Japan that equipped a number of colleagues to better tell stories by video.


Armin Messer